Steel Rebar Spalling

Spall damage can occur from impact but mainly from rebar rusting and expanding inside concrete. The result is ruptured areas of concrete at the location of rusting rebar. Spalling can become a “cancer-like” growth as more and more concrete ruptures and exposes more rebar to moisture.

Rebar spalling is caused by the exposure of the concrete to high temperatures. Spalling itself is actually the deterioration of the concrete, causing chunks of the concrete to separate from the concrete structure. Some of the most common causes of concrete spalling are high heat, pressure and moisture.

Concrete Restoration Process

The restoration of concrete is based on a case by case basis due to it’s complexities.But we use various techniques to repair concrete such as epoxy injection and traditional  excavation of damaged area to expose affected area and replace corroded steel rebar.

If concrete is not restored your structure can experience a failure costing you time and money.